Implantable Textiles

RUA Medical design and manufacture implantable textiles that are specifically designed to perform with the human anatomy and providing innovative solutions to an extraordinary range of medical conditions.


The customised textile technologies offered by RUA Medical can be engineered to create planar, tubular, bifurcated, 3 D, tapered and complex geometries. Standard machine technology is modified to provide a unique methods of manufacturing. A full range of input materials can be utilised or combined together within a fabric structure.

Input Materials 

  • Polyester  PET – Monofilament & Multifilament
  • Polypropylene PP –  Monofilament & Multifilament
  • PTFE – Tapes and yarns
  • Reasorbable/ biodegradable – PGA, PGLA, PLA, PCL
  • Metals – Stainless Steel, Nitinol
  • PEEK
  • Radio opaque yarns
  • Thermoformable yarns

Input Material Preparation

  • Yarn Extrusion, Twisting, Texturising, Combining, Covering, Splitting, Winding, Direct warping, Sectional warping, Over braiding.

Material Conversion

  • Warp Knitting – Flat Fabric, 3D,  Spacer, Tubular, Bifurcating, Lock knit, tapers
  • Circular Weft Knitting
  • Weaving – Flat, 3D, Spacer, Tubular, Bifurcating and tapers
  • Braiding – Flat,  tubular, Single and double bifurcating.
  • Crochet knitting
  • Embroidery
  • Non Woven

Post Processing 

  • Water Washing  Splash and tumble
  • Heat setting- Inline and individual component
  • High heat treatments
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Sewing
  • Cutting (Laser, die, heat and hand)
  • Needle crimping.
  • UV Adhesive systems
  • Plasma treating
  • Pad printing
  • Full Product Assembly and packaging
  • Large and small volume blister tray sealing.
  • Pouch sealing
  • Label and barcode printing
  • Retail box packing with IFUs and Patient Labelling
  • Managed Sterilisation Service – Gamma,  ETO and Electron


  • Bioburden, Endotoxin, Tensile, Tear, Elongation, Suture Pull, Permeability (Water and air),  Conformability, Thickness, Micro and Macro Pore size, Fabric Density, Yarn Count, Yarn diameter, Spin finish, Extractables, Weight, Visual (Manual, Optical and SEM)