Bespoke Design

RUA Medical start with your confidential product expectations / requirements and then design and develop an engineered solution entirely fit for purpose.

Our portfolio of services cover design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, packing and dispatch from our approved clean room facilities.

We use  our  3D printing capability to help with the product design principles and assessing components for manufacture and assembly.



Typical activities include:

  • Initial discussions of the design requirements and technical challenges
  • Development of initial designs and Design History file
  • IP management
  • Prototyping of design into working models and sample production for testing.
  • Development of prototype and initial products runs;
  • Testing of quality in pre production and post production scenarios
  • Small production runs with high quality inspection at every stage of process
  • Assembly, packing and sealing for shelf life and sterilisation requirements.
  • Shipping and logistics.
  • Project management and delivery scheduling.